Health through whole, embodied wellbeing. 

Coaching sessions are spacious, dynamic, and intended to point you back to your own unchanging, inherent knowing. Together we encompass and explore all that is available – connecting your choices with your values, passions, wisdom, strengths, and vision.

My intention is to provide a sanctuary for learning, expansion, and integrity – to partner with you in the conscious orientation towards multidimensional growth and exploration through all the textures, blessings, and challenges of life – especially when change is hard.

We focus on cultivating actions from within that invite nourishment and fulfillment into the everyday. Whether you are going through a big transition, an abrupt or painful ending, committed to establishing authentic habits, experiencing heavy stress, or called to step into a new way of being – we are here to walk beside you, trailblazer.

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Sessions take place virtually over video conferencing, are 50 minutes long, and are $123 per session.


Privacy is paramount. Your records and communication are confidential and HIPAA protected.


Meet Julia

Joyful blessings to you on your journey, I’m so grateful our paths have crossed.

I work with individuals from across the globe who are called to remember and connect with their most natural self.

My coaching is founded upon listening, fierce love, integrity, and fearless expansion. I LOVE working with clients to explore the wilderness within and create pathways to lives that are both fulfilling and nourishing. It is a great joy to work together – to curiously get into all of the spaces and corners of life – no matter how messy or tangled, dark or light.

Thank you for being you, trailblazer. How divine it is when we play our part!

With great care,

What is integrative health and wellbeing coaching?


Integration | the process of brinGing together all the parts of the whole – a process of renewal, beginning again.

Our integrative approach is centered upon accessing all facets of our being, our lifestyle, our world and the world around us – incorporating the wisdom of Nature and the deepest wisdom within to create authentic pathways of living.

As a coach, through an integrative approach, I invite you to allow the limits of your own world to become more spacious, make new observations, and discover possible new actions that, though sometimes forgotten, have always been available to you.

When you choose to engage in this way you naturally create accountability and ground your living practice to a wider perspective – expanding your world and creating space to shift beyond your comfort zone.

This practice fosters remembering and encourages you, the expert, to direct your own path of healing and living.

Whenever we act, feel, or think in accordance to our integrated self it carries a sense of wholeness or completeness – like we’re not leaving out anything important. Moving in a way that simply feels more right, more true, more in touch with reality.

Through this practice, you are supported to develop mastery in integrating behaviors that are effective and authentic into your everyday life.

My training reflects this approach: integrative health and wellbeing coaches are specialists in the coaching field because they not only have extensive education in the coaching process and coaching dialogue, but they also are trained in healthy lifestyle information and beyond.

Why Coaching?


On every level, establishing any new behavior requires steady attention and awareness. Certain degrees of change and personal growth often require a certain level of support and guidance – which can be uniquely offered by a coach.

Not only are you shifting the way you have chosen to do a particular action, you are rewiring your body on a cellular level. All those patterns, behaviors, and beliefs accumulated over a lifetime can be deeply embedded into your anatomy.

My devotion is to listen deeply as you – the expert – explore the matters of your heart. My intention is to foster curiosity around what arises during a session and connect it to your greater vision, building a pathway of action towards your deepest calling. Our work is led towards connecting you to your truest Nature and expressing your essence in the world.

The coaching space is a sanctuary – an environment we create together that intentionally nourishes curiosity, experimentation, and learning. In this space, nothing is overlooked – all is welcome – and nothing is too bright or too dark. It’s you and me, standing arm in arm – looking at what we have created and admiring the landscape – tending to your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put – if you are called to this work – it is for you.

Some clients are proactively seeking strategies to anchor themselves to their deepest devotions through their expression and lifestyle choices.

Some clients have found themselves amidst a deep change, lost touch with who they are, or are picking up the pieces after experiencing a deep fracture or disruption in their life.

Some clients are creating a new way for themselves and needing space to get deeply intentional about what they are building while exploring limiting beliefs or blind spots that may be fogging the clarity of their vision.

Wherever you are on your journey – I am here to walk with you, arm and arm, in the direction of you.


Initial 30 minute calls are designed to explore your needs, connect with your story, and see if we vibe as a partnership.

If coaching is a good fit, we’ll schedule your initial session.

INITIAL SESSION | 60 minutes

Features a fully tailored wellbeing assessment to highlight your strengths, wisdom, gifts, and passions as well as uncover limiting beliefs, self-talk, patterns, and fears that are impacting your wellbeing.

FOLLOW UP SESSIONS | 50 minutes  

Each session is uniquely built upon your chosen focus for our time. Together, we get curious about what we see, feel, hear, and sense – exploring how your focus connects with your strengths, beliefs, values and priorities while untangling ambiguity, identifying blind spots, and moving beyond limiting beliefs. After each session, you leave with actionable steps forward. Over time we celebrate successes, explore and learn from failure, and witness your expansion.

FINAL | 60 minutes

When you feel complete, we will engage in a final session to tie up your entire coaching experience – what you’ve learned, how it relates to your strengths, and of course celebrate your progress. We also outline next steps, potential obstacles for success and strategies for challenging times. If at any point you feel called in your heart to return to coaching, there is always a place for you here.

Duration of a coaching relationship is dependent on the client. Generally, our clients engage in a long-term relationship, as coaching is oriented towards long-term development of mastery, self-generation, and aliveness. However, some clients enjoy coming in bursts or short-increments – to explore, strategize, gain clarity, and move forward.

Frequency is also pretty personal. Every other week tends to be the most frequent and effective method where clients are able to devote themselves to experimentation, exploration, and learning. However, some clients prefer weekly. Some long term clients lengthen the space between their sessions to once a month or reach out when they need additional support. This all depends on
your needs, processing, and learning style – there’s no right way. I will support you in finding a rhythm that suits your path.

New clients, we recommend four bi-weekly sessions to start.


May your path be enveloped in clarity and trust as you journey on.


© 2024 Full+Nourished


© 2024 Full+Nourished