To rest in the sanctuary that is our inner home – to be fully aware of our true Nature – that is our wish for all.

Welcome family,

This space was birthed out of love. We are so grateful you are here – welcome, welcome, welcome!

We know, with great certainty, that all the answers of what it means to live a fulfilling and nourishing life sits within you. We understand the value of collaboration and partnership on the path of deep authentic alignment. That’s why we’re here. To explore together, curiously and compassionately, the paths that lead to wholeness. To support you in self-cultivated integration. To support one another in standing fearlessly in the face of love and listening deeply to the matters of the heart. To stand with you in the unfolding of a beautiful life – and to offer a space to discover what is most true. We do this with the understanding that there isn’t one true path – there are as many paths as there are people.

Our work rests in integration. Our approach is centered upon accessing all facets of our being, our lifestyle, and the world around us – incorporating the wisdom of Nature, a blend of modern well-being practices, the science of experimentation, and ancient well- being models to move beyond limitation and create aligned pathways of living.

We dedicate this work to our family, our elders, our community, the freedom of all beings, and the good green earth – all of whom we love so tenderly.

In love,
Julia and Chase

Julia Albrecht

Co-Founder, Integrative Coach, Wilderness Guide, Yoga Instructor

Over the past decade Julia has devoted her studies to lifestyle medicine, biological sciences, behavior, stress, plant wisdom, relational/interpersonal work, intimacy, yogic philosophy, and the natural world. Her work is grounded in the Nature of experience, science, the way of the woods, spirituality, and love. Julia holds a B.S. in Biology and M.A. in Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching from the University of Minnesota. In the field, Julia has developed wilderness guide training and expertise from over ten years of wilderness instruction. Julia’s ongoing offering to clients and journeyers is to provide a loving home for healing, listening, exploring, uncovering, remembering, and reconnecting.

Currently, Julia continues to study the principles of abundance from a yogic lens, the force of resistance, and the Goddess/Shakti wisdom. She has a great love for the discipline of Muay Thai and self-study through yoga. Since a young sprout, Julia’s deepest connection has remained with the woods and the waters – she continues to study plant intelligence and Nature’s teachings. Julia adores exploring the world through the lens of her Sony handycam, cooking, and sitting by the fire.

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Bachelors of Science: Biology, Hamline University
Harvard School of Public Health + Culinary Institute of America: Healthy Kitchen’s, Healthy Lives
Master of Arts: Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching, University of Minnesota
National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching: Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
NOLS + REI: Wilderness First Aid Certification
Radiant Life Yoga: 200 hour yoga teacher training
The T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies: Plant-Based Nutrition
TEDx Alumni
Wilderness Leadership Institute: Wilderness First Responder Certification

Chase Ekiyor


Chase has developed knowledge in herbalism, addiction, and public health. His presence and spirit are what inspired the birth of Full + Nourished. As an artist, he holds a great depth of wisdom in music and its intersections with health and healing. Chase is a master of experimentation, patience, and joy. He has spent many years working with both mental health and addiction – those who work with Chase find his warmth and non-judgmental approach incredibly powerful. Chase continues to push the boundaries of art, perspective, and healing beyond the traditional models of the current infrastructure that is wellbeing. Outside of the health space, Chase has been an active model for the last ten years – working with brands like Nike, Target, Best Buy, and General Mills – he is open to partnerships and collaborations with communities that share values and aesthetic interest.

On an ongoing basis, Chase’s current commitments lie in the study of the Thai Martial Arts, Muay Thai. He continues to make and produce music as well as study the healing wisdom of plant medicine.

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We are so grateful you are here.
With deep love,


© 2024 Full+Nourished


© 2024 Full+Nourished